About the Author

Chris DeFillippi

Chris is a senior at Suffolk University in Boston, and has used many of his occupations and hobbies to help create the characters (so if you think one of them is based on you, you are wrong). He’s currently editor in chief, a news writer and staff cartoonist of Suffolk’s weekly paper, The Suffolk Journal. In high school, he wrote and produced a sketch-comedy show for public access television. Now, he spends a decent chunk of his free-time keeping up on current events, reading books about history, and occasionally perusing journal articles in the field of entomology (bug science).

About the Webmaster

Mike DeFillippi

Mike DeFillippi is a junior at Goucher College, right outside Baltimore. He majors in theater and has acted in a number of performances at Goucher, at the Boston Children’s Theatre, and in the small Melrose, MA-based Theatre troupe Fourth Wall, which he has participated in since its birth and now contributes as an actor, director, and playwright. Chris may include a character in future strips who is really into theater, designing websites and being lame. This is because Chris is a dick.

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