About the Comic

Plague Ground tells the tale of the people of East Nettlesford, a fictional Boston quasi-urb (not quite nice enough to be a suburb) that contains an uneasy mix of types. There are the recent immigrants on the way up, blue collar townies who arenít going anywhere and college students trying to save some of their rent money for beer.

The comic follows Mr. DiPatera, a second-rate reporter for fourth-rate local papers, and his cadre of twenty-something, slightly mutated-looking companions. Thereís the depressed operator of the local public access television station, an entomologist (bug scientist) with a drinking problem and a freelance artist who runs a number of quasi-legal side businesses, to name a few.

Besides the central cast, there are class-baiting local politicians, sociopathic corporate suits, paranoid elderly, mad scientists looking for grant money, spacey pseudo-intellectuals, hardened criminals and Hitlerís zombie. The stripís kind of like a shot of potato vodka. It may be bitter, but itíll take your mind off of whatís bugging you.

So, come and visit the seedy little berg of East Nettlesford, where human life may be cheap, but so are the beers.

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